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Live Map

This guide will show you how to install connect the live_map addon. SnailyCADv4 uses an amazing script made by TGRHavoc.


  1. Download the live_map ZIP
  2. Extract and place in your resources folder (resources/live_map)
  3. Update your server.cfg
set socket_port 30121
set livemap_debug "warn" # "[all]" 'trace', 'debug', 'info', 'warn', 'error', 'fatal', 'off'
set livemap_access_control "*"
set livemap_use_nucleus true # Allow livemap to set up a secure reverseProxy using the Nucleus project

ensure live_map

More documentation can be found here.

Connecting to SnailyCADv4

  1. Start the resource in your server.
    • Using Nucleus? -> You can copy the provided WebSocket URL (wss://)
    • Using Custom URL? -> You should get your WebSocket URL from your server. The default port is 30121.
  2. Open the CAD-Settings page and head to the Misc Settings tab.
  3. Find the Live map URL field and paste your copied URL from step 2.
  4. Open the live map via the dispatch dropdown.
  5. All done!


If you're running into errors, the most common errors can be found below:

Nucleus Proxy

At this time there seems to be some issues with the Nucleus Proxy method which doesn't allow connections. This is a known issue on the Live Map resource and can be tracked here.

Not connecting

  • Make sure the port is port forwarded.
  • Make sure the URL starts with ws:// or wss://.
  • Make sure the IP/domain is correct and supports WebSockets.
  • Make sure your FiveM server is online.
  • Make sure the live_map resource is started.

Using SSL in your domain

If you're using SSL in your domain, you must have a Secure WebSocket connection. This can be done by creating a proxy for the WebSocket and adding an SSL certificate to it.

Once that's configured, you can use wss://...... replace the dots with your actual domain and such.