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This guide explains how to setup SnailyCADv4 with an automated installer process


All the items listed below are required to get the CAD up and running smoothly.

Getting Started

Once you've got all the items installed, we can get started with installing SnailyCADv4. Open the Command Prompt on Windows or the Terminal on Linux.

Now run the commands seen bellow. This will automatically run the commands of the Standalone installation and will ask questions where needed.

curl is supported on all operating systems.

curl > script.js

node script.js

Starting SnailyCAD

After completing all the steps above, we are ready to startup the CAD. To do this run the following command:

yarn run concurrently "yarn workspace @snailycad/client start" "yarn workspace @snailycad/api generate && yarn workspace @snailycad/api start"

Accessing SnailyCADv4

You can open SnailyCADv4 via a web browser, on your LAN IP and the PORT_CLIENT, example:

SnailyCADv4 also supports domains, WAN IP, etc.


The ports 3000 and 8080 must be forwarded in your firewall if you're not using some proxy.


Do not use localhost for Accessing SnailyCAD. It will not work!